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Finally a Personal OSHA Consultant to guide you through the sea of regulations!

Meet your practice OSHA training requirements with a
Personal OSHA Consultant via Webinars and Telephone $1500

This Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Hour personalized OSHA Webinar. 1 hour CE credit.  Entire office can attend and it is live, interactive (so you can ask questions)
  • 1 Hour Webinar on NEW Hazard Communication Standard. 1 hour CE credit. Entire office can attend and it is live, interactive (so you can ask questions)
  • 2 Hours telephone consultation, including guided mock inspection with OSHA coordinator
  • 2 Books "OSHA Training Records Checklist and Forms"
    "Exposure Incident Emergency Action Plan and Forms"
  • OSHA training for all new hires for one year (home study version)
  • One year telephone support

Webinar #1 (One hour) OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens/Office Safety
Meet OSHA required initial training and annual bloodborne pathogen requirements. The training covers OSHA required safety plans such as: Injury & Illness Prevention, Infection Control, Ergonomics, Fire, Emergency, General Office Safety, Medical Waste Disposal, and Exposure Control. The dental team will learn how to prevent accidents, properly manage an exposure incident, and understand needs for personal protective attire.

Webinar #2 (One hour) The New Hazard Communication Standard and OSHA Wrap up
Part one of this webinar will address changes to the hazard communication standard including a new format for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) formerly called Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and new labeling requirements. Employers must train their employees in the new label and data sheet requirements by December 1, 2013. Part two is a wrap of the information presented webinar 1 and 2, Questions and Answer session, and implementation of safety plans, or discussion as needed.

2 Hours Telephone Consultation
The employer or designated OSHA coordinator will be trained on how to update and maintain the office OSHA manual, conduct new employee and annual OSHA training, manage exposure incidents, and complete recordkeeping forms. Leslie will guide the OSHA coordinator through a mock OSHA inspection to check for OSHA compliance and Infection Control issues. Your OSHA program includes the Books: "OSHA Training Checklist and Forms" and "Exposure Incident Emergency Action Plan and Forms" to help you organize your office OSHA program.

(Only want one Webinar? Webinars #1 and #2 are available separately without consultation or books for $950 each)

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