Leslie conducts Infection Control on-site training

Infection Control Audits

Leslie will conduct a dental facility site inspection for compliance with Infection Control Standards and CDC Guidelines. A written report of inspection findings including photographs along with recommendations, action steps, and resources will be provided.

Leslie will evaluate your Infection Control protocols including:

  • Instrument reprocessing, decontamination of treatment rooms/patient care areas for infection control, evaluation of employee adherence to use of personal protective attire and hand hygiene.
  • Evaluation of products, devices, and standard operating procedures used for infection control plus one year of telephone support are included.

Infection Control Workshops: Focused, Hands On Infection Control Workshops To Improve Clinical Safety and Efficiency

The hands on, facilitated workshops help the dental team update their existing infection control protocols and practices to meet infection control regulations, CDC recommendations, and OSHA requirements. The workshop style setting offers hands on learning and an opportunity to practice skills. Facilitated “brainstorming” sessions help team members come up with solutions to address challenges with cross contamination and infection control. Team members overcome roadblocks to compliance when they actively participate in problem solving. By making infection control “sticky” your team will be motivated to continually raise the bar on infection control.

  • Instrument Processing Workshop - 2 hours
  • Cross-Contamination Workshop - 2 hours
  • Hand Hygiene Workshop - 2 hours

Infection Control Workshop - Full Day

This full day personalized program incorporates all of the above workshops Plus an assessment of the practice’s infection control systems, protocols, and types of products utilized. This program is designed to motivate the team to: strive for infection control excellence, develop and implement an office infection control program, and understand how to incorporate the CDC Guidelines in the practice. The goal is to achieve a culture of infection prevention and safety though teamwork. The program fee includes Infection Control checklists and must have three manuals:

  • Policy to Practice Guide to the Guidelines by OSAP
  • The CDC Guidelines for Infection Control
  • Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings: Basic Expectations for Safe Care
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