On-site Training

Eliminate costly travel to seminars!

Personalized training ...

  • Encourages staff participation
  • Conveniently earn Continuing Education (CE) units right in your own office for something you have to do anyway
  • Leslie makes compliance EASY

Available On-Site Training:

OSHA Compliance Training

This class covers Injury & Illness Prevention Plans, Infection Control, Hazardous Communication, Ergonomics, Fire, Emergency, General Office Safety, Medical Waste Disposal and Exposure Control Plan. We will conduct a "mock inspection" and we'll check your OSHA Manual, SDS folder, and Record-keeping procedures for accuracy as required by OSHA.

  • Training Time: 4 hours
  • Credit: 4 CE Units
Infection Control Training

This seminar covers various aspects of infection control including the minimum infection control standards. We will discuss how these standards apply to your office and tips for maintaining compliance. This class meets the requirements for a 2 hour course of study in Infection Control.

  • Training Time: 2 hours
  • Credit: 2 CE Units

(Required all for California dental license renewals)

Personalized Infection Control Workshops Hands On

Personalized workshops focus on helping your team update and improve infection control protocols. The hands on setting provides opportunity to practice skills and promote discussion. Facilitated "brainstorming" generates solutions to challenges in safety and infection control. Team members resolve roadblocks to compliance by "owning" the solutions.

  • Training Time: 3-6 hours (based on need)
  • Credit: TDB (based on need)
California Dental Practice Act (Formerly Dental Law)

This seminar will cover various sections of the CALIFORNIA DENTAL PRACTICE ACT, RULES & REGULATIONS, AND DUTIES & SETTINGS issued by the California Board of Dental Examiners. This class meets the requirements for a 2 hour course of study of California Dental Practice Act formerly called Dental Law.

  • Training Time: 2 hours
  • Credit: 2 CE Units

(Required all for California license renewals)

HIPAA Worforce Training
What you don't know can hurt your practice

Workforce training (2 Hours). This course familiarizes the participant with the basic concepts of HIPAA as the regulations apply to dentistry. Training includes how to protect patient's privacy, prevent breaches, and avoid cyber-attacks. Discussion of computer and internet etiquette will raise awareness so dental teams understand how viruses and ransomware can destroy data and subject the practice to costly HIPAA violations. We will cover frequently asked questions about how to handle real life situations in the dental practice.

  • Training Time: Workforce training 2 hours (required training for covered entities)
  • Credit: 2 CE Units


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